Music is the Magic


If you have ever found yourself completely immersed in a game to the point where you have lost your hold on the reality surrounding your physical body, you probably know just how important music is to the overall experience that games can provide. In fact, no great game has ever had a weak soundtrack and/or score. If it had, it never would have been considered great in the first place. Music is such an important piece of the puzzle, but it often gets overlooked. If you don’t already know why great music is absolutely essential to create the necessary atmosphere that gamers rely on, you will soon.


There is no question that the mood of whatever game you are playing is very important for the entire experience. Playing FPS games, for example, requires a soundtrack that is big enough to create a 3D experience if the player is to get pulled into the game. Likewise, games that are centred around solving puzzles need to have calm music to induce a greater sense of serenity.

Atmosphere – Similarly to mood, the atmosphere of a game is created by the game-makers to give their players a feeling of belonging. All professional game-makers would quickly tell you that their players are happiest when the soundtrack fits with the theme and mood of the game. Take online casino slot games, for example. In many of the most popular offerings, the music choices do a fantastic job of making the entire experience more engaging, which is something that all gamers want, whether they know it or not.


Although our top 2 reasons do seem quite similar, it is important to remember that the mood is what the player feels, and the atmosphere is the experience that the game-makers manufacture. With music being one of the most powerful tools for creating both mood and atmosphere, it is no wonder that it plays such an important role in game-development. The next time you fire up a game, take a few minutes to listen to those music choices.