The Lasting Impact of Music in Games


Many of us recall the fun associated with classic 16-bit video games. While quite advanced for their time, the fact of the matter is that they are unable to hold a candle to modern versions. Not only have the graphics dramatically improved, but the use of music has likewise served to redefine the entire industry. You may be very surprised to learn how certain musical pieces can impact the overall experience of the gamer. Let’s take a look at why audio accompaniment is so very important.

The Psychology Behind Music in Games

Many studies have pointed out that music can have an impact upon how player perceive levels of stress and anxiety. In fact, it can even influence playing tactics and strategies. These findings have not been lost on the developers, as they are now taking advantage of music in order to heighten the sense of immersion associated with the game itself. For example, they might use a particular track to foreshadow a “jump scare” within a horror-based game or they could instead employ a romantic piece within a cut scene. In either case, this will heighten the personal experience of the player and enable the game to capture his or her attention. It is interesting to note that these effects are not limited to action-based games alone.

Applications in the Casino Community

Anyone who is a fan of classic slots will appreciate how music can impact their overall gaming experience. Not only will specific tracks highlight the fast-paced nature of the game, but it will serve to build up a sense of excitement; both of these results serving to signify a quality platform. Whether referring to an original composition or a branded soundtrack, the fact of the matter is that the experience is taken to an entirely different level when music is involved.

Although modern graphics are impressive, their appeal would not nearly be the same without the presence of music.