Today’s Best Albums


For all the music fans out there, this article is for you. Everyone knows the mainstream artists and the albums that they produce, but what many don’t know is the work of today’s smaller, up-and-coming bands and singers, and so far there have been many great examples of new music that deserve your attention.

Rocket, by Alex G

One of our favourites is the album entitled Rocket, by Alex G. Rocket is a perfect example of how an indie artist can make huge waves in the industry without any previous exposure at this level. Each song has a completely different sound and is unique among the other songs on the album, as well as compared to other songs of similar genre.

Divide, by Ed Sheeran

Another great album is Divide, by Ed Sheeran. Fans of Ed Sheeran would argue that his previous albums would be impossible to better, but those same fans are now saying that Ed Sheeran has managed to produce some of his finest work with this album. His ability to show his soul through his music is part of what makes this artist so popular, and he does this with flying colours on Divide. If you were only going to listen to one Ed Sheeran album, it should definitely be this one, as it is a culmination of all the experience that the singer has gained to date.

HNDRXX, by Future

HNDRXX is also a very nice work by the artist known as Future. For Future’s fans, this album should be a real treat as it shows a less showy side of the artist. The storytelling, as well as the artistic composition is better than almost anything Future has come out with, and this work really shows how he is developing as both a performer and a songwriter.

Whatever type of music you like to listen to, there are some incredible albums that have come out in 2017 that deserve your time and attention. We know that your time is valuable, but it will be well spent giving these new sounds a try.